Editorial Hora Magica
Category Poetry
Year 2022

In reNacer, there is a return, and that return is an encounter. It is a reunion with that which constitutes us. Eze Cotton's work emerges from loss, and in its development, it traces a communion of the self with its surroundings. It was entirely produced during a journey the author made in 2018, and an internal journey that continued upon his return, for when we travel, the before and after become part of it, and the duration of that undertaking becomes subjective.

The result is reNacer, Eze Cotton's first book, with illustrations also authored by him. A work that was only possible by taking a leap into the unknown.

The poetry collection also suggestively proposes a journey from darkness to light. A tunnel, where the voice of each poem is a step, and in each step, there is detachment.

Every transformation entails a sacrifice, and the book-object exalts it: each page can be die-cut and detached, lost, and transformed into something else. An invitation to transform ourselves while we read.