My story:

Eze Cotton is a young Argentine artist. He is an actor, singer, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and teacher.

In his debut album titled "Que hay detrás?" we can hear his own musical identity and an innovative proposal within the contemporary rock scene.
From a very young age, he was in contact with music thanks to his mother, the composer, and singer Débora Azar.
At the age of 7, he participated in the recording of Al Tun Tun's first album in León Gieco's studio in Buenos Aires. With the same group, he took part in presentations at the Teatro San Martín and worked as a technical assistant at the Centro Cultural de la Cooperación.
At the age of 9, he started taking piano lessons. In his childhood and early adolescence, he shared the stage with artists such as Pedro Aznar, Abel Pintos, Víctor Heredia, Julia Zenko, Jairo, and Opus 4, among others, being part of the choir of the Gonzáles Pecotche Institute, led by Susana Aguirre.

He collaborated on and wrote music for theater plays. As an actor and musician, he participated in various productions, with over 200 performances and tours across the country. He was also part of the theater company "Bolsas en el viento," where the play "Tierra Partida" stood out, achieving great success in the porteño underground theater with 4 consecutive seasons on stage and over 100 sold-out performances.
For over 6 years, he toured the country presenting the social project "Crispines" in low-income neighborhoods, hospitals, prisons, settlements, etc. The show aims to bring clowning to places and spaces where art is not easily accessible.

In 2018, he lived in Paris, where he was selected to improve his acting skills at one of the world's most prestigious theater schools, immersing himself in the European artistic culture.

In 2019, he was chosen to represent Argentina at the international music gathering ETHNO BAHÍA. There, he met great colleagues who later collaborated on some of his productions.

In 2020, he released his first EP "Paso a paso," with the participation of more than 15 artists from 9 different nationalities.

During his journey, he started writing poetry, and he is currently editing his first poetry book with drawings also of his own authorship, which will be available in January 2022.